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LEGO HEROICA Castle Fortaan 3860

LEGO HEROICA Castle Fortaan 3860

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  • Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 10.7 x 2.6 inches ; 1.1 pounds
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  • Manufacturer recommended age: 8 years and up
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LEGO HEROICA Castle Fortaan 3860

Product Description

Amazon.com Product Description
Castle Fortaan 3860 is one in a series of exciting HEROICA LEGO adventure games. Build the castle scene with custom LEGO bricks, setting the stage for your heroes. Roll the buildable LEGO die to travel the course, battle monsters, seek treasure, and complete the mission. Play Castle Fortaan by itself or combine it with other HEROICA game locales for an epic experience. This expandable role-playing adventure game is designed for two to four players.
Arm your Hero with the Helmet of Protection and blue Speed Potion to help them charge through the castle. .
Build your own game board as you play good against evil in a battle for victory..
Storm Castle Fortaan and Attain Glory
Castle Fortaan has fallen to the Goblin King and his army of monsters. You must find a way past the Goblin horde to defeat the King, but can you discover his secret battle plans and return safely with the Helmet of Protection? Fight and defeat 11 daunting enemies along your journey.
Castle Fortaan is designed for two to four players, so you can invite friends to join you in a fight for justice and glory.
Build the Scene and Begin the Battle
It wouldn't be LEGO if you didn't begin by creating your world. Build Castle Fortaan from scratch using the included 304 pieces and building instructions. Then roll the buildable LEGO die to navigate your heroes down the path, repel your enemies, and take on the Goblin King to claim his coveted treasure. Game play lasts 10 to 20 minutes.
Experience the Dramatic HEROICA Adventure Series
Castle Fortaan is just one game in the HEROICA LEGO adventure series. You can play it by itself or combine it with other sets to create an even greater escapade. Other adventures in the HEROICA series are Draida Bay, Waldurk Forest, and Caverns of Nathuz.
What's in the Box
HEROICA Castle Fortaan 3860 set with buildable Castle Fortaan landscape, four heroes, 11 monsters, buildable LEGO die, building instructions booklet, rules booklet, and mission map.

Draida Bay 3857
Waldurk Forest 3858
Caverns of Nathuz 3859
Castle Fortaan 3860
Castle Fortaan has fallen to the Goblin King and his army of monsters. You must find a way past the Goblin horde to defeat the King, but can you discover his secret battle plans and return with the Helmet of Protection Become a hero, and join the battle to free Heroica. Every Heroica game is a unique adventure to build and explore, with new heroes, monsters, weapons and treasure. Become a hero, and join the battle to free Heroica. The Goblin King has captured Castle Fortaan. An expandable world of adventure for 24 players. 304 lego pieces, rules booklet and poster. Building instructions included. The goblin king has captured castle fortaan An expandable world of adventure for 24 players Included are 304 lego pieces, rules booklet and poster Building instructions included
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LEGO HEROICA Castle Fortaan 3860


Product Features

  • The goblin king has captured castle fortaan
  • An expandable world of adventure for 2?4 players
  • Included are 304 lego pieces, rules booklet and poster
  • Building instructions included
LEGO HEROICA Castle Fortaan 3860

Consumer Critiques

I got this to play with my 6-year-old son. It is pretty considerably exactly what it looks like: a cool little Lego dungeon-crawler. Every Heroica set (we also got Waldurk forest) comes with a particular number of 'rooms' and 'hallways' that can be combined in just about endless ways. Then you populate the dungeon with monsters and treasure and have at it.
Fortaan comes with a whopping 11 rooms: 2 generic rooms with torches in the corners, two rooms with a little table, book, and chair, two fortress rooms with crenellated parapets, an entrance area with a tree and a drawbridge, a feast area with a fireplace and a chicken leg (no kidding), an enchanted pool with a tree and a frog, a prison space with a barred door, and a throne space with banners and columns. It also consists of 15 microfigures: four heroes, 6 goblins, 4 armored goblins, and 1 goblin king. For treasure, there are gold pieces, potions (speed, strength, luck, and wellness), 2 treasure chests, and a cool microfigure helmet.
There are 3 books in the box: the regular instruction book, a rule book, and an "adventure" book with a mini-comic and three suggested dungeon layouts. The dungeon layouts are not presented in any particular order, but if you appear at the bits that are supposed to be included in every single a single, you can assemble them into a mini-campaign that ends with a confrontation in the throne space with the goblin king.
Every hero comes with a color-coded hero pack for storing their health points, gold pieces, potions, weapons that they've purchased from the store, and enemies vanquished. My son and I have a residence rule that you can turn in each 4 vanquished enemies for 1 piece of gold.
The rulebook describes two methods to play the game: a competitive mode in which the heroes race to full the objective for that adventure (either acquiring to a specific space 1st, or beating the boss monster), and a player-vs-DM mode in which one particular player controls the bad guys. My son and I play it a third way. We each take 1 hero and cooperate on acquiring through the dungeon, taking out all the monsters, and collecting all the treasure. There is not a lot of 'game' involved considering the fact that there is no way to shed--heroes who shed all their wellness points can just cease and regenerate them with die rolls--but we each have a lot of entertaining and it beats the heck out of Candyland.
There are presently four Heroica sets available: Fortaan (castle), Waldurk (forest), Nathuz (caves), and Draida (seaport). Fortaan is the largest. Waldurk and Nathuz both have 8-10 tiles (or rooms) and distinctive monsters, spiders and werewolves in Waldurk, and bats and golems in Nathuz. Draida is tiny, with only four or five tiles. Any and all of the sets can be combined, and this is my son's favorite issue to do. We take all of the tiles, monsters, and treasures from Fortaan and Waldurk and set them up together to make a single super-dungeon. The adventure booklet also shows how to link all 4 of the initially wave sets together.
Is this worth it? Depends on your child's age and interests. For kids 6-ten I consider it is a gold mine. It encourages tactical thinking, memory, and some really fundamental math. There is also lots of scope for creativity and spatial thinking, due to the fact the tiles and bridges can be laid out in so numerous numerous ways. The bits are cool and even played cooperatively it is a entertaining way to pass the time. There is nothing scary or occult in the game it is all quite innocuous.
As for myself, I'm quietly counting the days until my son is old sufficient for stronger fare like tabletop wargames and RPGs. In the meantime, Heroica is a theme-heavy but light-play game that keeps us both entertained.

I'll come suitable out and state explicitly that I am a huge fan of the Lego games and that our household owns a rather embarrassing number of them. My seven-year-old daughter is something of a tomboy and is heavily into Legos. When all of the games appeal to her, she appears to have taken a certain shine to the Heroica line. As my husband is a enormous Dungeons and Dragons fan as nicely as a Lego fan, these games seem to be the wonderful convergence of the two interests. In other words, this game is a win, win, win as it pleases a selection of interests and age groups in our family.
What is actually nice about the Heroica method in comparison to other Lego games is that it's even even more diverse. You can play every game in the series separately or you can combine any quantity of them to develop bigger games. This is nicely worth performing. We have three of the 4 Heroica games and every one consists of at least a single new element: new creature varieties, new heroes, and other objects like potions and weapons racks. What is particularly nice about Castle Fortaan is that it consists of 4 completely different heroes, all 4 potion forms, and a weapons rack, so it is the most complicated of the 4 games in the series. When I wouldn't say that this tends to make the game educational in a regular sense, I like that it encourages my daughter to be analytical and strategic in her choices. Just before we even play the game, the three of us frequently finish up talking about the advantages of playing as the knight versus playing as the barbarian, and the addition of the weapons adds one more layer of complexity. This really has helped us to educate my daughter how to view moves from a variety of angles and to weigh her alternatives, resulting in her moving beyond the uncomplicated Candyland sort of approach to games and into the realm of approach.
The other fantastic feature of this series is that the games are pretty customizable--this a single in certain. This is the largest of the four games, so it comes with the most pieces, permitting for the construction of various rooms and connection pieces. The game comes with a guide to setting up about 3 distinct configurations, but you can simply generate your personal merely by attaching the rooms to each other in distinctive methods. This is one other region where some higher-level thinking comes into play, because it has helped us to work with my daughter on some reasoning and logic skills, as nicely as a lot more complicated patterns. Initially, she was prone to setting the game up in a single line, but we've worked with it to show her how developing various routes to the ending can make the game more fascinating, as properly as how to add incentives to each and every route, such as putting potions or gold pieces or treasure chests in strategic places.
The standard idea of the game is quite rather simple. Considering that there are completely different scenarios that can be set up, there are numerous end points, such as defeating the boss or collecting imperative items--or both. Each and every player rolls to move and then, when a creature is encountered, rolls to see what the outcome of the battle is. Every single monster form has its personal strength worth, with the boss's being the highest. Defeat signifies that your hero loses a quantity of well being points equivalent to the strength of the creature. If your hero loses all of their health, you have to spend as quite a few turns as you will need "resting" till you regain all of your well being (in this case, the die rolls indicate the number of health points regained each and every turn).
As with all Lego games, the making is element of the enjoyable. Upon very first opening the box, you're presented with a number of plastic packages containing all of the pieces you need to develop the "board", along with the hero and creatures pieces, pieces for creating potions, and so on. As with all factors Lego, I in no way cease to be amazed with the methods in which those small blocks can be arranged to produce numerous objects. Making is fairly straightforward and not too troublesome. My daughter can ordinarily create each and every component with minimal guidance from either me or my husband.
This game has offered us with numerous hours of enjoyment and promises quite a few extra to come. Even though we all take pleasure in board games, I obtain that it is often tricky to find games that we can all take pleasure in playing together. For the most part, Lego games entertain all of us equally, so we're all equally eager to play. This is especially true of Heroica for the reason that it really is enjoyable not only to play it, but also to design the board. In reality, usually we spend so much time getting enjoyable setting the game up that we don't even get to the playing part.


LEGO HEROICA Castle Fortaan 3860


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