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Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 16 x 14.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
  • ASIN: B004SGLDM6
  • Item model number: 28748
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 5 years and up
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: 2,595 in Toys ; Games (See Top 100 in Toys ; Games)
  • 95 inToys ; Games Action ; Toy Figures Figures

By : Transformers
List Price : $89.99
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Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime

Item Description

Amazon.com Item Description
Based on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the Hasbro Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime Figure is the premium movie-adapted Transformers toy on the market. Designed for ages five and older, and standing more than 22 inches tall, this action figure is even more than deserving of the title "Ultimate." With a sleek style, glowing weapon lights, and battle and conversation sounds, Ultimate Optimus Prime is an ideal toy for serious Transformers collectors.

Dark of the MoonUltimate Optimus Prime
  • Ages: Five years and up
  • Needs: Two AA batteries (included) Phillips/cross head screwdriver (not included)

At a Glance:
  • Stands 22 inches tall with extended wingspan
  • Meticulously detailed style is worthy of collectors
  • Trailer transforms into body armor
  • Electronic weapon lights up and creates blasting battle sounds
  • Functions Power-Up Mode, Robot Mode, and Trailer Mode

Convert From Truck to Robot
Suggested for ages 5 and up, Ultimate Optimus Prime is one of the most totally featured action figures you are going to find. Initially, Ultimate Optimus Prime appears as a semi-trailer truck in Trailer Mode. With its vivid red and blue finish and distinct racing stripes, Ultimate Optimus Prime's truck form is as detailed and well built as any model truck and would be a wonderful addition to a cabinet or dresser top. The truck is able to roll freely on carpet and tough surfaces alike.
Like all Transformers, there is more to Ultimate Optimus Prime's truck form than meets the eye. When it is time for him to come out of disguise and lead his fellow Autobots into battle, he can transform into a enormous, powerful robot in Robot Mode. Employing Power Mode, the trailer converts into the Omega Combat Armor, permitting Optimus to be placed inside for an impressive 22-inch high stature with extended wings. Equipped with a firing Ultimate Super Cannon and retractable battle mask, Ultimate Optimus Prime is handsomely detailed and articulated, so he's posable.
Advanced Lights and Sounds
Ultimate Optimus Prime can light up and make a assortment of sounds. The Ultimax Super Canon functions separate buttons to generate rocket and plasma firing sounds with coinciding flashing red lights. With a pull of the sliding trigger, the front of the canon opens up for a coordinated burst of lights and sounds, accompanied by the iconic phrase "I am Optimus Prime!"
Difficult Transformation Approach
Serious collectors could possibly have some concerns about the figure, particularly his posability. His wrists and waist don't move, limiting his articulation, and some of his joints range from being as well stiff to too loose. The Ultimax Super Canon, whilst impressive in its massive weight and size, makes it troublesome to balance Optimus once it's connected to his physique and limits his motion. Also, his wings detach frequently, yet are quick to snap back on.
The figure's robot-to-truck conversion is specifically tricky to execute, taking up to 30 minutes. Younger children may possibly not be in a position to transform Optimus Prime on their personal. Nevertheless, these flaws can be overlooked, offered the general high top quality of the toy. For added connectivity, the figure functions six Mechtech ports on the highest wings and four on the canon, making it effortless to attach separate weapons for enhanced play (sold separately).
About Transformers
The Transformers began as a Hasbro toy line back in 1984, featuring toy automobiles that could transform into robots. The toys soon inspired an entire universe of fictional story lines, pitting the two factions of Transformers--the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons--against one a different. A live-action movie based on the Transformers was released in 2007 and has continued the toy line's recognition. With toys such as the Ultimate Optimus Prime Figure, youngsters can bring residence the struggle amongst the Autobots and Decepticons.
What is in the Box
Ultimate Optimus Prime Figure, trailer, MechTech Weapons System Ultimax Super Cannon, two AA batteries, and instructions.
Over the years, Optimus Prime has proved himself to be not only a good leader, but also one of the most potent warriors in the universe. He is trained in the use of practically any weapon, incorporating them into his combat techniques with no work. He is a walking arsenal with unstoppable combat capabilities. The ultimate warrior has arrived. Your electronic Ultimate Optimus Prime figure is already a force to be reckoned with, but his blasting battle sounds, glowing weapon lights and launching missile sounds let his enemies know they are in trouble ahead of he even touches them. Convert your figure's trailer to Omega Combat Armor for his significant showdowns and extend the wings, flip the Ultimate Super Cannon into location and extend the energy collection panels. Your fighter's enemies will be shaking in their boots. When the battle is over, convert your warrior into truck vehicle mode so he can roll appropriate into the subsequent adventure. The electronic robot warrior figure features lights and sounds and converts to truck vehicle mode and back once more. The figure comes with a trailer that converts to Omega Combat Armor. The Optimus Prime figure fits inside. It characteristics extending wings, an Ultimate Super Cannon that flips into spot and extending energy collection panels, blasting battle sounds, glowing weapon lights and launching missile sounds. It also consists of 2 AA batteries.
  • Item Dimensions (inches): 6 (L) x 16 (W) x 14.five (H)
  • Age: 5 years and up

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime


Item Features

  • Your electronic Ultimate Optimus Prime figure is a force to be reckoned with. His blasting battle sounds, glowing weapon lights and launching missile sounds let his enemies know they're in trouble!
  • Convert your Optimus trailer to Omega Combat Armor for his significant showdowns and extend the wings, flip the Ultimate Super Cannon into location and extend the power collection panels.
  • Electronic robot warrior figure features lights and sounds, and converts to truck vehicle mode, and back again!
  • Figure comes with trailer that converts to the Omega Combat Armor! Optimus Prime figure fits inside!
  • Your fighter's enemies will be shaking in their boots! When the battle is over, convert your warrior into truck vehicle mode so he can roll correct into the next adventure.
  • Capabilities extending wings, an Ultimate Super Cannon that flips into spot and extending energy collection panels. Capabilities blasting battle sounds, glowing weapon lights and launching missile sounds!
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime

Client Reviews

Reactions have been tremendously splintered more than this figure. Some people today completely love it, but a lot of many people just hated it appropriate off the bat. I was one particular of the people who genuinely had high hopes for this figure, but knew not to set expectations too high. So, naturally, I tracked down this figure as soon as I heard he was released. It took me awhile but now that I have him, he's completely worth it. He's huge, he's enjoyable, and just all around impressive. On the other hand, he is not screen accurate (his combined mode isn't even featured in the movie), so if you happen to be expecting nothing but accuracy, you can be disappointed.
Omega Armor Power Up Mode
- Huge size, standing 22 inches tall (with wingspan). It's amazing to look at and tends to make an awesome display piece.
- Massive mech-tech canon shops perfectly on his back, or flips down to give him a new helmet and large gun that is held with each hands.
- Really stable, he will not be likely to fall over very easily at all.
- Aside from some issues with his wings, he's pretty durable.
- Feet design make him extremely stable
- 6 mech-tech ports on the top of his highest wings, along with 4 on his canon. Attaching a weapon to every of those make him look even a great deal more incredible.
- His wings pop off often, but they are quick to snap back on.
- His arms don't remain together properly, which can be a real pain. You'll have to hold a huge portion of the arm preserve it in one piece whilst moving it.
- Limited poseability, fairly frequent for combiners, but for an $80 price tag that is a bit painful. No waist articulation, and only side to side leg mobility.
- Combined mode head is a also compact, unless you flip the canon out to give him a helmet.
- Helmet is permanently attached to the canon, so you have to have the gun out for a right sized head.
His combined mode is particularly impressive, and the wing pop-off difficulty is not that massive of a deal. Although it has very little range of motion, the sheer size much more than makes up for it.
Side Note 1: If you hate the "Butterfly wings" you can fold them and position them anyway you want, in no way are his wing positions restricted. They can look like a cloak, or more like the jet pack he utilizes in the movie.
Side Note two: If you want a bigger head for his combined mode, you have to do a mod to eliminate his canon's helmet from the canon segment. Appear up Peaugh's youtube video "Ultimate Optimus Prime Helmet Modification" if you want him to have the helmet with no canon.
Optimus Prime robot mode
- Quite little quantity of excess car components (Kibble) are present in his robot mode.
- Decent poseability, not great but it really is quite fine. His balance is also quite beneficial, he can stand on 1 leg with the other leg raised in a kicking position with no any stability problems.
- Good head sculpt.
- Quite durable.
- Stays together especially nicely in robot mode.
- Rather sturdy smokestacks, not the ones that get bent out of shape conveniently.
- Intermediate transformation, Revenge of the Fallen Leader Prime he is not. It really is not rather challenging, but it really is not simple and easy enough for a five year old.
- Larger than a voyager, but smaller sized than a leader
- This con is subjective. Most men and women dislike his "Popeye" arms. His front wheels from vehicle mode do not collapse or store in any way. However, It is not as significant of a drawback in individual as the images created it seem.
- No waste or wrist articulation. For 80 bucks, I most certainly did anticipate that.
- Shoulder guards can pop off (this could just be my figure even though, it may well not happen on all of them, and it is simple and easy sufficient to snap back on).
I had a lot of enjoyable with his separate robot mode, and posing him is quite enjoyable. His balance is pretty really good, and I just enjoy his kibble-cost-free appear. The arms, waist, and legs are a setback, but it certainly is not that poor. He looks much better in person and is Really far from getting the worst Optimus Prime ever as a few men and women have claimed (In my opinion, that title quickly goes to his Machine Wars incarnation or Titanium Optimus Prime). You will either adore this mode or hate it. He may not be the most movie accurate, but if you honestly want near perfect screen accuracy, get Jetwing Optimus Prime from Takara (really pricey, even though) or the Revenge of the Fallen Leader Prime.
Side Note: For those interested, he's about the size of an Ultra Class figure when he's not in power up mode, so his size is in in between a voyager and leader class figure.
Semi Truck/Trailer mode
- Evokes a classic G1 feel
- Rolls and turns nicely
- His combined mode's canon stores rather nicely underneath it, and nothing drags on the ground when rolling it along.
- Small to no robot parts are visible in his Truck/Trailer mode.
- The Truck itself looks fairly good, and has a particularly decent paint job.
- Mech-Tech ports aplenty. He's got very a few ports all more than him to place any mech-tech weapon on.
- Paint apps could be better on the trailer itself. It is a common dull grey, and the Autobot logo could appear significantly superior.
- No automobile mode attributes.
- Cab portion is a bit also compact for the trailer
Side note: His trailer can fit on the Revenge of the Fallen Leader Prime, but it does demand some customization to the trailer hitch.
Not a entire lot to say about this mode, it is fairly nice and looks amazing, rolls well, but the paint apps could appear far better and it could use some electronic for this mode.
Final thoughts: I went in with somewhat high expectations, but I knew not to anticipate one more ROTF Leader Prime figure (considering he's quite much wonderful), and I came away extremely satisfied. The complete package is rather decent. His combined mode is an unbelievable display piece, the size and wide variety of wing poses make him a very sturdy seeking figure. His separate robot mode is not the most screen accurate, but it is a lot of entertaining. The trailer mode is a excellent recreation of his G1 look.
Do not go in expecting an additional ROTF Leader Prime, because this Prime isn't screen accurate. Nevertheless, he's a ton of a entertaining and is, to me, worth the cost. His straightforward transformation is less time consuming than ROTF Leader Prime, so he is considerably way more kid accessible, but is geared towards older youngsters or collectors. Also, the directions are not all that helpful. It really is all images and no words, and with an instruction sheet this substantial, it is fairly cumbersome and unclear in what it implies.
With supervision, it ought to be fine for older youngsters, but it will probably be as well complex (and enormous) for younger kids.
General: 8/10

This Optimus absolutely has the "wow" factor and is especially impressive. He's cool to appear at and does so several points.
But how to get him to do those issues. . .? This is a complicated, difficult toy. There are a variety of directions for transforming him--roughly 20 actions for each transformation. The illustrations are mainly monochromatic (with a handful of highlighted components), which could work nicely beneath some circumstances, but does not in this case. The illustrations are also small, and the combination of the lack of color and the size makes it extremely difficult to pick out particulars. As I worked to move the robot-mode Optimus's torso away from the outer-shell armor, I had no concept what I was carrying out. Initial I discovered that a piece of twine nevertheless held the physique to the armor, so I managed to clip that. Then I still could not rotate Optimus's shoulders forward like the illustration suggested. Eventually, I succeeded--but honestly, I have no concept how I did it or how to do it once more in the future.
Changing the armor into a trailer is troublesome. In the illustrations, the arms of the armor appear to magically fit into place inside the trailer. But those arms have perhaps a dozen joints! How does one manipulate them to get them to fit snugly inside?
My husband (who has a degree in agricultural engineering, has built a lot of models as a hobby, functions on cars pretty regularly, works with computers professionally, and is at present constructing a massive shed) took over transformation from robot to truck for me, and he has just completed transformation from armor to trailer. It was a long, frustrating encounter--it almost certainly took 45 minutes--and then he figured out that we were trying as well difficult and that the arms don't actually fit inside the trailer--rather, they type of stick out underneath it. Suffice it to say that I assume a person could possibly have better luck with the transformations if (s)he did not consult the directions at all than if (s)he tried to follow them meticulously.
I suppose I've come to expect frustration from Transformers toys. I don't don't forget having bad experiences with my personal Transformers toys as a kid, but my son's toys have been another story. His interest began with a Bumblebee toy a person gave him for his 6th birthday. That toy is straightforward to transform into a robot, but tough to transform into a auto, and we're not sure it is going to retain its ability to remain transformed into a auto. The brittle old plastic on the vintage G1 Optimus I purchased on eBay resulted in a snapped leg [on the toy] in less than a day of reasonably gentle play. This new, fancy Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime toy certainly has its personal frustrations. It is rated for ages five and up. It does appear sufficiently durable to manage having children as young as five play with it, but I have to wonder how extended it would take a kid that young to study to do the transformations devoid of assist.
Ultimate Optimus Prime may well be a superior gift for older Transformers enthusiasts (teenage +) who have a lot of patience and intuition as far as transformations go, and I ought to repeat that it really is really, very cool in some ways. Even the sound effects are pretty amazing, and I am not in most cases a massive fan of toys that have sound effects. But I'm thinking that this particular Optimus is not for most persons, since a toy this highly-priced shouldn't be this frustrating.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime


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