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U.B. Funkeys Figure Sprout Green [Normal Version]

U.B. Funkeys Figure Sprout Green [Normal Version]

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 1.8 x 3 inches ; 3.5 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 10.1 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B0010257JQ
  • Item model number: M1630

By : Funkeys
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U.B. Funkeys Figure Sprout Green [Normal Version]

Product Description

The Sprout are generally precisely prim, especially accurate and the most purely polite of all of the Funkeys. The Sprout have perfectly manicured lawns, elaborate gardens and showpiece homes. They are normally featured in Funkey Home and Garden and Architecturally Funkey Digest, and a Sprout has won the coveted FELIX award (offered to the neatest Funkey) for as lengthy as any individual can keep in mind. Most jobs around town connected with keeping factors amazing are held by Sprout. They operate in concert with the Boggle to keep trash off the street although they find the Boggle to be gross creatures. They have a natural potential to develop any kind of vegetation. If they had thumbs, they would most unquestionably be green!


U.B. Funkeys Figure Sprout Green [Normal Version]


Product Features

  • Discover a funky, computerized globe of games, stories, quests and surprises
  • Needs Funkey's Starter Kit (sold separately)
  • Ages 8 and up
U.B. Funkeys Figure Sprout Green [Normal Version]

Customer Evaluations

This item is a game module for Radica's game known as UB Funkeys. It can not be implemented without having a UB Funkeys base that plugs into your personal computer via a USB port. I feel the ideal thing about this game is that the player (young or old) need to participate in some activity to earn coins that are then exchanged for goods to improve a single of 3 rooms that you can then share with other players by means of the web. The interaction in between players on the web is pretty restricted, so I feel comfortable letting even my smallest kids play web based. To really get pleasure from the game you should also have access to the world wide web. Some of the modules permit the player to interact with other players via the net. When signed on as an administrator you can also get updates and patches from [...] automatically. We have not purchased all of the game modules, but we are enjoying the ones that we have. To help you decide which module's character, activity, and the rewards readily available I will list the ones we have so you can make the choice for yourselves.
Berger (cow shaped module) makes it possible for the player access to "Daydream Oasis." The activity is to construct a 21 scoop ice cream cone. The rewards are dairy related furnishings, horns to go on your wall, or other dairy connected foods.
Drift (speedometer faced module) allows the player to access Drift's Garage in major Funkeys Town. The activity is a pinball game. The probable rewards involve visitors cones, several gas containers, tables shaped like the bumpers in the pinball game, and if your actual great you can get a totally free pinball futon.
Duce (devil shaped module) allows the player access to "Magma Gorge." The activity is a skeet shoot with records as an alternative of clay pigeons and a trident as an alternative of a shot gun. The probable rewards are all volcanic in nature accept some couches with exhaust pipes on the side and various colored records to hang on the wall in one particular of your rooms.
Dyer (peace symbol faced module) will allow the player access to "Daydream Oasis." The activity is a Mahjong game that can be played against somebody else on the online or against the computer. The potential rewards involve rugs in the shape of the peace sign, smile faces that portray a mood for your wall, tie-dye bean bags, and Mahjong tables.
Glub (fish shaped module) permits the player access to "Kelpy Basin." The activity is a bowling game and the possible rewards include things like beneath water speakers, a range of kelps and anemone beds.
Lucky (rainbow faced module) enables the player access to "Daydream Oasis." The activity is a kind of Soccer kick off challenge. The achievable rewards include shamrocks, piles of coins and cauldrons of coins.
Ptep (mummy shaped module) makes it possible for the player access to "Nightmare Rift." The activity is to reveal two of a kind items arranged in a pyramid. The rewards include things like hieroglyph tablets and other Egyptian items.
Rewind (parrot with antenna) will allow the player access to "Funkeykey Island." The activity for any of the modules with antenna is a limited chat with other players who are over the internet. The content material of the conversation is restricted to set statements that are selected from the menu. The rewards in Rewind's nest on Funjeykey Island is a telephone to invite other players to see a single of their 3 rooms and what they have earned to decorate it with, cell phones give you the ability to participate in this limited chat feature, and you can also get an interactive bird and nest to put in a single of your rooms. I enjoy my bird and nest.
Scratch (has a record on the face) enables the player access to the noisy "Da Scratch Club" inside Funkeystown. The activity is similar to the wii guitar hero game. It looks like a juke-box and as the music plays a disk floats down to the red line at the bottom of the screen. When the disk hits the red line, the player requires to press either the X, C, M, N, or the space-bar. The player can decide to buy turntables, techno-chairs, speakers and deflector dishes from the counter inside.
Snake oiler (has a snake on his helmet) enables the player access to the "Speed Racer Complicated" inside Funkeystown. The activity is to drive a race car in a race around bends and obstacles. The rewards are all snake connected. He can also access one more driver's rewards inside the Royalton complicated when the player can buy trophies, display cases of trophies, and game tables.
Sol (sun symbol on the face of this module) will allow the player access to "Funkeykey Island." The activity is miniature golf. The rewards contain rays of light, tanning beds, hammocks and if you are extremely decent you get a mask that magnifies light so you can explore a dark component of the island.
Sprocket (robot with a sprocket on its tummy) permits the player access to "Nightmare Rift." The activity is boxing than can be played against yet another player web based or against the laptop. The rewards involve technical plans to sprocket to go on the wall of one of your rooms, metal dogs, metal tables shaped like a sprocket, and benches produced of sprockets.
Sprout (flower on his face) allows the player to access "Kelpy Basin". The game is similar to bejeweled exactly where the player desires to move 1 flower to get 3 or a great deal more in a row. Then they disappear and you get so lengthy to complete levels 1 via 4. The player can devote their coins at the counter for a number of distinct plant connected items. I adore the round gardens, and the pink flower for finding a high score.
Tiki (shark looking with slit eyes) permits the player access to "Kelpy Basin." The game is breakout. The rewards include things like torches, masks, gongs, and drums.
Trixie (looks like a girl wearing purple and pink checked pants) makes it possible for the player access to "Speed Racer Complicated" inside Funkeystown. The game is to fly her helicopter in a thunder storm and rescue funkeys by depositing them two at a time at the station in the center of Funkeystown. The player can order checked or flowered wallpaper, flowers in vases and a lot more at the counter.
Twinx (stars on it really is eyes and on it is tummy) allows the player access to "Kelpy Basin." The game is comparable to the Space Invaders game but with rainbows, clouds, and suns. After clearing a screen of these celestial items going faster and more rapidly as they bounce from wall to wall and level to level, the player can go to the counter and decide to buy chocolate corals, chocolate couches, chocolate waterfalls, and canopy beds and tables.
Vlurp (vampire shaped module) makes it possible for the player access to "Nightmare Rift." The game is a sort of maze where you have to collect watering cans and pots. The rewards consist of gothic windows, coffins, especially big trees, goblets and chairs with bat wings, and if you are decent at the maze you get a tomatoes plant named Noctomatoe for one of your rooms.
Vroom (red, white and blue with a star on its eye) makes it possible for the player access to "Laputa Space Station." The activity is Skeet ball. The rewards consist of couches with exhaust pipes, star shaped tables, engines, and oil drums.
Waggs (dog shaped module) enables the player access to Waggs University in Funkeystown. The activity is a word scramble (a tough one also). The rewards incorporate anything you could want or not want for your dog.
I hope this assists. I noticed that one particular of the other gamers stated that he purchased a module and then erased it and turned it into a flash drive. That is utterly preposterous. These are game module that have Read Only Memory, and cannot be utilised in any other way. They do make a wonderful game. My youngsters are understanding that they cannot have the reward they want unless they earn some coins by playing a game initially. The game includes excellent guys and negative guys and outstanding places to explore. I enjoy it, and I am 41 years old. Even my 5 year old loves it. If you choose to play, drop by my room (I am RacersGarage). Have enjoyable.

I purchased a starter set at Target on clearance. I was in a position to get it up and began for my kids, ages 6 and 10. We had been not totally impressed, but had four other funkeys to load (all below $three.00 on clearance), so they had adequate to maintain them busy. Final night a new driver was made accessible. It took nicely over two hours to load on a incredibly decent machine. The updates are decent - some new looks, interactive characters, a few challenges. What I located most problematic, yet, is that to take benefit of most of these new selections you have to have additional than 10 funkeys or you can buy ghost-like funkeys with points. Nicely, they are lots of points. Now, you can decide to purchase those points with cash instead of earning them. As a parent, I do not like this at all. We don't use Club Penguin for this reason. And, what you get for the revenue is rather limited. A new game per funkey may very well be worth $2.00, but Webkinz has way extra to provide for the purchase of only a single toy - you don't want to order something new every single handful of days to preserve the toy fascinating.
So, unless you want to turn this into a hundred dollar investment, I suggest you remain away from it or only buy items that are on clearance (and don't have crazy shipping costs attached).


U.B. Funkeys Figure Sprout Green [Normal Version]


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