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Barbie: DC Comics - BatGirl

Barbie: DC Comics - BatGirl

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  • ASIN: B0007CKAA6
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 36 months - 12 years
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: 193,440 in Toys ; Games (See Top 100 in Toys ; Games)

By : Barbie
Price : $59.77
Barbie: DC Comics - BatGirl

Product Description

Barbie: DC Comics - BatGirl


Barbie: DC Comics - BatGirl


Product Features

  • Barbie: DC Comics - BatGirl
Barbie: DC Comics - BatGirl

Customer Reviews

Hi, This bat girl barbie is beautfull! However I did not get the blue stand, I got a black stand (And thats fine by me!) With the yellow bat logo. The doll is very pretty I LOVE her red hair! The bendy arms dont bother me then Batgirl can do pretty poses. I also have the wonder women doll and you should get her to! My fave is defintley Batgirl tho. And I dont know why people want sick Ken to be batman. that whould be SO ugly! He would NOT make a good batman doll. My mom bought me the poison ivy barbie and the poison ivy barbie was twice the size as my Batgirl barbie! We are going to return it. My mom said mattel is trying to copy sick brats dolls and its true! They made poison ivy not have a barbie ''face'' at all!she had this icky face its hard to explain tho... Overall this barbie is a must have! I would go to a store to get her tho cause at the store shes cheaper. (And im not even counting shipping!) Well I better go now so bye! -Jackie

This doll is great! Finally they made Barbie a Superhero! Oh... um do you know if they'll make Ken into a Superhero that would be Cool


Barbie: DC Comics - BatGirl


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