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Sugita Unproduction Marvel Spider Man Venom Statue

Sugita Unproduction Marvel Spider Man Venom Statue

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Sugita Unproduction Marvel Spider Man Venom Statue

Item Description

An Great Ultra Uncommon Spiderman Venom painted resin statue, created by Susumu Sugita. This was accomplished in the early 90's. by Avatar. Sculpted bu Susumi Sugita. The kit is a really rare kit and really challenging to acquire even in Japan. This is pre-paint statue. not the kit (it really is performed pretty detail painted job) This is one of the greatest Venom pieces ever performed.


Sugita Unproduction Marvel Spider Man Venom Statue


Item Characteristics

  • Highly Detail Statue
  • Produced by Resin
  • Venom Statue stands in 6~7" tall
Sugita Unproduction Marvel Spider Man Venom Statue

Consumer Evaluations

It really is pretty solid and really heavy. Nice detail. It is fairly morbid but fairly cool. I am unsure as to how much of a collectible this will be though as it came in a non descript black box with no paperwork and I couldn't locate a single detail anyplace signifying who made it, who made it, how a large number of, etc. Other statues will oftentimes have the artist signature on the bottom and say something like "752 of five,000." This does not do this. Plus, as I said the box is not from some sort of toy or collectible organization. I searched e bay and couldn't find it listed anywhere and I looked about on the net for about 15 minutes (hardly exhaustive search, I admit) and couldn't locate something other than this amazon listing and the listing from the collectible store exactly where this is sold (Maybangs). Interestingly, going straight to Maybangs site has this product with a list cost of $129.99 but on sale for $60.00 there. Of course, Amazon states list price of $249.99 with sale of $49.99 and it's sold through Maybangs. The Amazon listing contains the exact very same wording as the Maybang site. In short the item itself is excellent and was worth the $50. On the other hand if you are hoping to invest in this at $50 and stash it away and sell it for a bunch far more down the road then I'm afraid you may perhaps be disappointed. I could be wrong about this of course but devoid of any sort of pedigree and totally no info on the internet and none selling on e bay you may very well have a difficult time convincing many people it wasn't crafted in some Goth's garage and sold to you for $20 at a garage sale. Wish it came in a genuine box with some markings on the bottom stating the artist, production business, etc. Oh nicely. If you just want anything cool that is heavy and fun to appear at then invest in it!

i am not the greatest venom fan but i like a decent statue and lord knows there are a ton of negative and/or lame ones out there but this is not one particular of those. this 1 is fairly impressive. what i continually look for is detail, specifically in the muscles, and this one particular has that in spades. the physique is super impressive and catches your eye. the only issue i do not like about this statue is that i assume they went overkill with the teeth and tongue. he looks a little bucktoothed and the tongue is overboard...it does take away from the statue but just slightly. and the best issue is that this $200 statue was just [...] bucks on amazon. that's a bargain, as far as beneficial statues go!


Sugita Unproduction Marvel Spider Man Venom Statue


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