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WordWorld WordFriends Magnetic Plush Lion

WordWorld WordFriends Magnetic Plush Lion

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By : Spin Master
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WordWorld WordFriends Magnetic Plush Lion


WordWorld WordFriends Magnetic Plush Lion


Product Capabilities

  • Consists of 4 stuffed letters of I O N and a Lion head
  • Each stuffed letter consists of a magnet that will stick together
  • When the letters are placed together it types a stuffed animal Lion
  • Designed to help children study words and animals
WordWorld WordFriends Magnetic Plush Lion

Buyer Critiques

My three year old loves this. My 1 year old likes playing with it just as a lion. We got a number of numerous WordFriends, even though, mainly because it is even more enjoyable with lots of letters. That way we can make lots of completely different words.

This collection of wordworld is best and most beneficial of all are pull apart animals soft and cuddly made of leters.
It is just awesome how swiftly my child learned letter recognition and puting words together in order thanks to these animals.
The whole household was amazed how those little hands could put togehter the dog, cat, zebra, cow, and so on.. all animals in the set
together in a snap.
We started with the dog as it is her faforite animal, definitely - like most kids :) and then we gradually had been adding on
animals untill we ended up with the entire set prior to we knew it. It is so rewording to see your tinny treasure to
be able to do words! that it is jsut breath taking.
We did not need any foring techinques, flash cards or something, she was just grasping the idea from my taking apart
the animal, sounding the letters and puting them together back for her few times and then she got it like
in the same day and from that day on she knew.
I assume this should really be every paretnt's every single child initially educational toy. It is so child friendly, great for the sens of touch,
soft and cozy - what essentially is mentioned to develop brain more rapidly.
It is sucha pleasing style and there are locations to chew on if you want ha ha ha..
We take the animals everyhwere we go and she does not only have enjoyable she is reinforcing her reading expertise and preparing
for future writing without being aware of it!
We had been lucky to get the animals that were issued in those white boxed packaging with DVD inside. Not the other version in
the orangy more affordable packaging and with no DVD. Difference is seriously apparent. I got the animals as a gift to my niece
but I could not locate anyplace the initial edition in white packaging with bluish background and DVd included in the box
so Igot the other set on e by and apparently they are not the very same. Equivalent and all but the good quality is not the exact same.
The original edition animals are even more plumpy, solid, and have better and a great deal more infant friendly really feel and touch to them
whereas the other - not the white box- edition has less expensive feel to it.
Overall we are rather fairly pleased with the set. I have heard that this design got so various rewards and it is so fashionable among parents
and I entirely agree with the notion. It is awesome for the child and it teaches one thing valuable for life unlike so a lot of toys
that do nothing. It is superior to see your child getting so considerably fun and stay engaged for excellent although with them.
It is wonderful how long attention span the baby has when playing with the animals.
As she grows I marvel how she can place together the very simple words from numerous animals for entertaining.. as in she would take
unique letters from completely different animals and nonetheless spell the word dog or cat or cow correctly and giggles
that each and every letters is from various animal.. like for instance she will take L from the lion with the head,
then place i from the fish and then o from the dog and n from the lion once more and she is so proud to do that.
It shows me that she is not only putting animal together, she is truly conscious of the letters..
and to prove it she can take just the letters with no heads and not color coded and at random
pull the letters and put together a word that is independent of characters..
soooooo cooooooooool
I am shopping for the original set now to get it for Christmas for two beloved babies in the loved ones
and they are so difficult to get, yet I won't cease till I obtain them. This is THE gift of learning and
I wont' settle for less :)


WordWorld WordFriends Magnetic Plush Lion


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